ISGAN smartgrideval is a toolkit to help decision makers identify the best smart grid planning option.

In the smartgrideval toolkit, the techno-economic evaluation of alternatives integrates cost-benefit analysis (CBA) into a multi-criteria analysis (MCA) framework.
Combining these two techniques, which are well-known in investment evaluation procedures, makes it possible to compare planning alternatives, considering not only economic aspects but also technical (smartgrid) aspects and externalities.
The tool also makes it possible to carry out analyses taking into account different points of view, weighing the aspects considered most important by the decision-makers.
Smartgrideval is designed to compare results based on pre-defined KPIs, and it does not conduct network or systems modeling studies.
The tool already include KPIs that are in line with the JRC methodology. Additionally, users have the autonomy to define their own set of KPIs for comparison purposes.

The tool has been used, successfully, for the following studies:
-  for evaluating a smart metering infrastructure case study; 
-  comparing distribution system planning alternatives;
-  multi-energy planning.

Please refer to the references page to access the studies conducted with smartgrideval and to learn about the tool's methodology.